Heres Why Mens Hair Loss Vary From Womens Hair Loss

Men’s baldness is generally considered more disfiguring than that of women. But there are some major differences between men and woman’s thinning hair. In men, the hair is softer and thinning hair is often more severe. Also, the loss of hair is more pronounced in women. Heres why men’s baldness differs from women’s: In both genders, the scalp is more sensitive to hormonal changes.

Males and women both lose their hair. The male thinning hair is often caused by an excess of androgens, and it requires a different diagnosis and treatment strategy. However, there is some overlap between the two. For example, a man’s male pattern baldness is a result of a genetic trait. In women, hair loss is more likely to occur if a woman eats too much red meat.

The most obvious difference between male and female hair loss is that men lose their thinning hair more quickly. In women, the loss is more gradual and symmetrical. In men, the hair starts thinning from behind the bangs and gradually spreads throughout the scalp. In women, thinning occurs slowly, and it may appear in their late 20s or early 30s. Similarly, a woman may start noticing her thinning around her temples or on her head.

There are other factors that cause men to lose their hair. Women may also be prone to hair thinning because they have an increased number of hormones than men do. And their body can’t process enough iron to support their hair growth. For this reason, men are more prone to suffer from male pattern baldness than women are. When this happens, women are likely to lose their hair.

Male and female hair loss may be caused by different hormonal factors. A females hair loss diagnosis may be easier to make than that of a man. In addition to genetics, male hair thinning can be caused by medical conditions or stress. When the cause is a genetic disorder, hair thinning is often difficult to diagnose, but the symptoms are similar. A doctor may try a hormone to help distinguish between the two.

In addition to genetics, hormonal factors play a role in both sexes. In general, women don’t have a receding hairline. Androgenic alopecia is a common cause of male-pattern baldness. It may also be caused by a condition known as hypothyroidism. Some of the medications are prescribed for both types of male hair loss.


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